Throwback Thursday | DeKalb Senior Portraits

I was searching through  my archives for a particular photo for a client when I can across the folder that said "Brittany".  I was curious as to how much my style has changed and I just miss Brittany! so I clicked on the file. This photo was my favorite from that session and it still my favorite photo of Britt.

I knew Brittany well from DHS. She was one of my AP students and my student aide. Let's be real she was completely  responsible for keeping me organized the entire time she was in high school. I may have had to text her in college to find out where supplies were located (ok, I did but ONLY twice!).

Brittany has a million dollar smile and the brains to go with it. She is now a Ph. D. student at West Virginia University.

I thought you would enjoy a little Throwback from the class of 2012. I enjoyed looking though this old session.

Black and Orange Senior Photo at Blumin Gardens in Sycamore, IL

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