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A few tips for picking out what to wear for your senior photos.

First, keep it simple and comfortable. You want to be YOU! Now, I am not saying sloppy, just casual. Pick a color that you know you look good in and find something with a collar. And PLEASE not big logos or quotes on your shirt.

Second, your uniform or something to represent what you were involved in during high school. Golf, basketball, baseball, choir, band, track... whatever you are into in high school.

Third, you can bring something more formal or just another change of shirt. Most guys stick with jeans and khakis for their pants or shorts. It is up to you and your family to decide how formal you will get. Bring a tux if you have one!

Remember this is about you so stick to your style. Also keep it neat. Get a hair cut about a week before your session and shave and trim any facial hair. Make sure you nails are clean and clean up your shoes. You do not want to have on gym shoes that are caked in mud!

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