What to Wear for Senior Portraits Girls | Fashion trends for Senior Portraits

The most common question that high school Seniors and their parents have about their Senior portrait session is "What should I wear". Here are some tips to help you plan your session wardrobe. 

First, remember you have unlimited wardrobe changes so bring lots of choices. It is a great idea to start with three basic outfits and then bring scarves, vests, jackets, jewelry, and other accessories to change up your look. Consider bringing at least one pair of high heals. Heals elongate your figure and make you look fierce! 

One look should be causal. Think jeans or leggings with a great sweater and of course boots! You can get several different looks by adding a vest, jacket, and scarf.

Your next selection could be a dress. 

Anything from a mini dress with leggings to a maxi dress. 

Emily pulls this look of flawlessly with a bright solid colored pink maxi.  

She is barefoot here but feel free to bring heels especially if your dress is shorter. 

Your third choice can represent something you are passionate about or involved in. Bring your instrument from band, your cheerleading uniform, or even your toe shoes. This is about you so bring clothes that represent all aspects of your life and interests. Want to see what other Seniors are wearing? Check out the Girls Gallery page right here on the WB Seniors site. 

Are you Pintrest crazy like I am? Check out my Pintrest boards for LOTS more ideas!  

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